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Severe Weather

Extratropical Cyclone “Ciaran” will bring strong wind and rain to western E...01 Nov 2023 14:15 UTCHAMOON will strike Bangladesh24 Oct 2023 03:59 UTCThe Arabian Sea Tropical cyclone "Tej" will land on the coast of Oman and Yem...23 Oct 2023 15:20 UTCStorm Daniel associated heavy rainfall and flooding in the central and easter...13 Sep 2023 08:43 UTCExtreme heat wave hit the Indo-China Peninsula18 May 2023 02:21 UTCThe extremely strong cyclone "Mocha" may make lanfalland along the coast from...13 May 2023 12:49 UTC“Mocha” is approaching the coast of Myanmar and Bangladesh, bringing strong...12 May 2023 10:17 UTCHeavy rainstorm caused Floods and landslides in eastern Democratic Republic ...12 May 2023 08:47 UTCCentral and North Asia suffers from a strong SDS13 Apr 2023 00:36 UTCTropical cyclone “FREDDY” in the Indian Ocean is impacting east Africa22 Feb 2023 07:21 UTCSITRANG Bring Heavy Rain to Bangladesh25 Oct 2022 08:01 UTCTropical Cyclone "Noru" will impact Philippines25 Sep 2022 12:22 UTCThe high temperature monitoring in Europe22 Jul 2022 06:56 UTCExtreme heat occurred in the western Europe21 Jul 2022 09:10 UTCHeavy rain occurred in Pakistan15 Jul 2022 00:54 UTCHeavy rain and flood monitoring in Bangladesh and India01 Jul 2022 08:57 UTCHeavy rain and flood monitoring in Bangladesh25 May 2022 08:54 UTCSouth Africa was impacted by flood caused by a subtropical cyclone14 Apr 2022 09:19 UTCThe Typhoon “MALAKAS” and “MEGI” Monitoring12 Apr 2022 08:09 UTCMonitoring of tropical cyclone “HALIMA” in the southwest Indian Ocean25 Mar 2022 03:40 UTC
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